Perfect Blue
Kona Macphee
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Commentary: The problem of the bees

If Exit hymn is about the environmental anxieties we're having, "The problem of the bees" is about the ones that we aren't having but ought to be.

In very recent years, there have been widespread unexplained disappearances of bee colonies - so-called colony collapse disorder. Since bees are primary pollinators for a great many plant species - including, from a self-interested perspective, a large number of human food crops - the implications of large-scale bee-loss are pretty sobering. If we had any sense, we'd all be throwing our Defence Budgets at solving the riddle of colony collapse.

This poem makes playful reference to the fiddling we're doing while Rome might be burning: self-importance (the writers), grandiosity (the scientists) and creative stagnation (the artist).

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