Perfect Blue
Kona Macphee
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Commentary: Conception

I don't know where consciousness comes from - and in particular, why "I" am conscious in this mind/body of mine, and not somebody else. I suppose I attribute my own subjective consciousness to some property of my particular physical body, and therefore to my precise combination of genes. Looked at this way, my conception was a spectacular fluke at the end of an astonishing chain of coincidences linking right back to the "ancestral Eve" of human DNA.

There's something curiously liberating about this viewpoint. For all of us, there were vast stretches of time before we existed, and there will be equally vast stretches of time after we have gone. Our consciousness is a brief and stunningly improbable interruption to this status quo - so just being here at all is the most tremendous bit of luck. What's the only sensible thing to do with a bit of spectacular and unrepeatable luck? Be grateful, then go and find out just where it might take you, while it lasts.

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