Perfect Blue
Kona Macphee

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Osprey Journal
Summer 2010:

"Perfect Blue is a rare gem of a collection[...] unlike anything I've recently read, it is a brilliant demonstration of how simple good poetry can be" says Catherine Woodward, in The Osprey Journal.

June 2010:

"Perfect Blue I and II... offer a miscellany of meticulous poems. Ordinary words placed extraordinarily... Macphee shows how she is a tracker of thought, often of one thought, frequently relentlessly focussed and nearly always surprising" says Judy Kendall, in Envoi, issue 156, June 2010.

Poetry Book Society
Spring 2010:

"The poems within 'The Book of Diseases' perfectly capture the 'otherness' of illness... The lyrical tone of her poetry belies the fact that here is a poet 'fretted by the questions / skulking in the darkest corners of the room'.

Poetry Book Society, PBS Bulletin, Spring 10 - Other New Books.

24 April 2010:

"This is an enjoyable and accomplished second collection" says Charles Bainbridge, in The Guardian's review of Perfect Blue.

5 April 2010:

Poet Juliet Wilson provides a brief review of Perfect Blue at her Crafty Green Poet blog.

Scottish Poetry Library
March 2010:

The Scottish Poetry Library have kindly used "The gift" as their featured poem for March 2010.

Scottish Arts Council
March 2010:

The Scottish Arts Council have kindly used "To a young daughter" as their featured poem for March 2010.

27 February 2010:

The Guardian has kindly featured "Cholera" as its Saturday Poem for February 27th.

Scottish Review of Books
20 February 2010:

The Scottish Review of Books has kindly featured the poems "Scarlet fever", "Gonorrhoea" and "Depression" from The Book of Diseases in its Vol 6, no. 1 edition, published with the Sunday Herald.

Forest Publications
February 2010:

Forest Publications have posted an interview with Kona Macphee on their website.

Peony Moon
January 2010:

Michelle McGrane has a generous feature on Perfect Blue at Peony Moon, including two poems from the book that aren't online anywhere else.

"Kona Macphee's poetry has a genuine lyricism and mystery" — John Greening, Poetry Review