Perfect Blue
Kona Macphee

News: Perfect Blue wins the Geoffrey Faber Memorial Prize for 2010.

Perfect Blue book

The free, innovative Perfect Blue Companion provides commentaries on all the poems in Perfect Blue. You can read it online or download it as a free PDF e-book.

In Perfect Blue, Kona Macphee applies her versatile and polished technique to a characteristic diversity of themes - from the natural world to war and politics, from memories of childhood to bittersweet snapshots of everyday life, from wry asides to fantastical flights of narrative fantasy.

Her eclecticism is never more apparent than in the Book of Diseases sequence, which launches from its simple premise into a delirious medley of forms and subjects.

The meticulously crafted lyrical poems of Perfect Blue reflect the growing power of a distinctively original, musical and compassionate voice that laments the transience and fragility of life while celebrating the joy of truly living it.

"Poems of elegant gravitas, terse yet lyrical" — Independent on Sunday